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Just when I thought it might be safe to stop seeing my shrink, I took a chance and watched "Rejection Fetish for the Single Loser." In a few brief moments, Humiliatrix Extraordinaire, GODDESS LYCIA, slam-dunked my ego right thru the space between my ears and straight down to my socks! She is truly a TREASURE in EVERY WAY! (I guess I'll keep that shrink appointment after all. ;) ~feardesire

Mistress Lycia is beyond description. She is narcotic, both euphoric and addictive. She is adventure, blended danger and total fantasy. She is temptation, combined sinful and most wonderous. She is what you know you want stirred in with what you never knew you craved so lustfully. Thank you Mistress Lycia for claiming Your place within my now f'd-up head. ~ouchyfool

I really can't say enough about Goddess Lycia. If you know Her than you know what I mean. If you are reading this and are curious about erotic hypnosis, do yourself a favor and try some of Goddess Lycias' work. You will not regret it. She is a very skilled hypnotist while also having THE sexiest most arousing voice in the business.  ~harvey2t

As far as I am concerned she is the best hypnodomme on niteflirt and the web. Be prepared to fall under her spell and become hers forever. ~londonermon

Goddess is simply the finest hypnotist, FemDom, trainer, owner, (or whatever label you give her) that will ever exist on this earth. You just will not believe it until you allow her to possess you. ~dazmark6  

Sultry, hypnotic, and amazing. Drifting on her voice for unknown hours as all kinds of wonderful programming slips into your head... but you won't remember that part, just how good everything felt. Highly recommended. ~hypno-sensualist


This site is designed so that you can learn a bit more about Goddess Lycia and what I can do to your penis and your life. You will find my phone lines and recorded sessions on the appropriate web page (erotic hypnosis recordings on the erotic hypnosis page, tease and denial recordings on the tease and denial page, etc.) There are also tons of free samples of my erotic mp3s. Maybe you are new to all this stuff, but intrigued. Read what I have to say about all My many fetishes and learn to crave My control~

Goddess Lycia is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been practicing erotic hypnosis since 2002. She enjoys combining her extensive knowledge of human psychology with her feminine sexual power. Aside from hypnosis, some of her favorite fetishes include humiliation, tease and denial, chastity training, feminization, love and addiction, and financial domination.

For Goddess Lycia, erotic hypnosis is an outlet through which to explore sexual fantasies at a profound depth, and is also a powerful tool in the behavior modification of her submissives and slaves. She has addicted many submissive minds to her velvet voice and hypnotic eyes, and continues to brainwash horny boys into erotic frenzies with her skillful mind-fucking techniques.

Goddess Lycia's sessions range from sweet and playful, to seductive and mystical, to cruel and dangerous. She loves to hear about your personal fantasies.

Is Goddess Lycia the Hypnodomme for you? If you haven't found out already, she has a feeling you're about to!


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