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tickle fetish
"Tickle Inferno"

This Femdom trance session will make it so that:

a) you become more of a ticklish person, in general

b) you develop a tickle fetish (if you didn't already have one) or become more addicted to the tickle fetish (if you already had one)

c) you feel as though you are being tickled by me, and I tickle you into having an orgasm by the end of the session

36:04 minutes for $34.99

Includes: femdom erotic hypnosis, femdom trance, erotic mind control, brainwashing, erotic tickling, tickle fetish, knismolagnia

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cum eating
"Jism Ingestion"

This erotic hypnosis file will condition your mind to accept the following fact: You MUST eat all of the cummies you produce, unless they are lost within the realms of another orifice. In other words, no matter where your cummies land, they must end up sliding down your throat and into your tummy, unless the cummies have already been engulfed by pootang, ass, or the mouth of another. Although even in those scenarios, you will try to suck out as much of your cummies as possible.

You will feel uncomfortable and incomplete unless you finish each and every one of your orgasms by consuming your cum. You will feel guilty and overall crappy if you just let the cum go into a garbage can or toilet bowl; it is just NOT RIGHT. There are a billion reasons why eating your own cum is a good and SEXY thing to do, even if it is a little embarrassing for you.

And the best part of this audio file is that I guide you to an orgasm and trigger you to eat it during the session! So, seriously, QUIT WASTING CUMMIES. Buy this erotic hypnosis MP3, listen, orgasm, eat it, and be changed.

27:19 minutes for $29.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, cum eating

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pantyhose hypnosis
"Hose, Stockings, Ruffle Socks"

This erotic hypnosis mp3 will give you an extreme hosiery fetish. If you already have a fetish for pantyhose, stockings, or ruffle socks, it is about to get much more intense. Goddess Lycia takes you into a deep trance, and implants inescapable triggers and post-hypnotic suggestions which make you more addicted, obsessed, and completely turned on by sexy nylon, lace, and fishnets. You will also need to wear pantyhose from now on, if you ever want to cum.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, pantyhose fetish, thigh-high stockings, ruffle socks, high heels, triggers, subliminals. 17:22 mins. for $14.99

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giantess hypnosis
"Micro Slave"
I hypnotize you, make you drink My special potion, and turn you into My 2-inch tall micro-boy slave. I can do whatever I want with you. Awww, looks like My micro-boy's penis is stiff! And My areola is bigger than your face!

I have so much teasing fun with My naked micro slave! I love putting you in My pink, silky panties and getting you all moist, and I love playing with you like you are a puppet, tying strings to you arms and making you dance for Me *giggles* Micro Man is so hot, and he's the best slave ever!

Also, whenever you are in My presence from now on (in any way, even just looking at My website) you will feel as if you are only 2-inches tall. you will see Me as huge and beautiful, and your penis will point like an arrow in My direction. *kiss*

Erotic Hypnosis, Giantess fetish, Macrophilia, Shrinking Fetish, Love and Addiction, Goddess Worship, Tease and Denial, Helplessness, Subliminals, Brainwashing, Sweet and Teasing Mistress who simply adores her cute and horny micro slave. 30 minutes for $34.99
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