Erotic Hypnosis Videos by Goddess Lycia
"Mesmer Eyes 2"

"Mesmer Eyes" is one of Goddess Lycia's top-selling videos of all time. Well, "Mesmer Eyes 2" is even better! Stare deep into the center of the spiral as Goddess Lycia guides you into a trance and under Her spell of addiction and enslavement.

Includes: mind control, blue eyes, spiral, hypnodomme, femdom, love and addiction, enslavement. 12+ minutes for $12.99

"Mesmer Eyes 1 "

Goddess Lycia mesmerizes, dominates, and controls you with Her powerful blue/grey eyes. Allow Her velvety voice seduce your mind as Her eyes take over your body. She causes you to become more and more aroused, until you have no choice but to offer Her your seed so that She can become even more powerful!

Fetishes include: mind control, brainwashing, eyes, bright eyes, heavy eyeliner, witchcraft, magick, forced orgasm. 10 minutes for $13.99

"Dragon Claws Hypno"

In this erotic hypnosis video, Goddess Lycia programs you to see her as THE most beautiful, intelligent, and creative woman in the world. You are unable to look away from Her beautiful dragon claws as she manipulates you into complete, total, and eternal enslavement.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, hypnodomme, blue eyes, fingernail fetish, claws, jewelry, goddess worship. 8:25 minutes for $9.99

"Glasses Fetish Hypno "

Do you like my new eyeglasses? I heard that you like to look at women wearing eyeglasses. Well, that's nice. You probably like how powerful we look; how intelligent we look. You might like the mystery, of the eyes behind the glass. Well, you're welcome to admire my eyeglasses, sweetie; as long as you fall deeper and deeper into a trance, with every syllable I say.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, hypnodomme, blue eyes, eyeglasses, eyeglass fetish, eyeglass hypnosis, permanent enslavement. 10:11 minutes for $9.99

"Hypno Claws "

This mind control video is a true masterpiece. Allow Goddess Lycia's alluring image and velvet voice to create that euphoric feeling you crave. She will sink her claws into you, and you will be destined to a life of servitude in her honor. This is a .wmv file.

Includes: hypnotic trance, mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification, love and addiction, Goddess worship, shiny silver sharp claws, fingernail fetish, femdom, enslavement. 18:14 minutes for $19.99

fingernail hypnosis
"Fingernail Fixation "
Goddess Lycia, with Her painted lips, sparkling blue eyes, and stunning silky blond hair, invites you in to view Her new fingernails. As soon as She flashes Her nails across the screen, She immediately takes your breath away. Pure silver, shiny and sparkling, long perfect and beautiful nails. The experience will leave you intensely aroused. This is a .wmv file.

Includes: erotic mind control, brainwashing, long shiny fingernails, extreme arousal, servitude, love and addiction. 15:18 minutes for $14.99
"Hypno Hands "
Goddess Lycia invites you to relax your mind as you fixate on her beautiful hands. Her hands interact with one another so playfully and sensually. Try to look away from her shiny red nails and sparkling silver jewelry, and you'll find that they are simply too mesmerizing. You might even get hypnotized watching. This is a .wmv file.

Includes: hand fetish, fingernail fetish, silver jewelry, erotic hypnosis. 9:13 minutes for $9.99