Lipstick Fetish Videos by Goddess Lycia
lipstick fetish

Spur of the moment lipstick and liploss fetish clip, including drips.

I was basically sitting here feeling sexually aroused, and decided to utilize my sexual energy into showing you how I apply lipstick and lipgloss in an erotic manner. Very little talking, mostly just sensual lipstick and lipgloss application and showing off my cockpillo... I mean lips.

6:30 minutes

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipgloss fetish, blonde fetish, goddess worship

lipstick fetish
"Glossy Kissies"

In this erotic lipstick fetish video, I apply red lipstick and a variety of glosses. There is no talking, just kissy sounds as I give lots of glossy kisses toward the viewer. My lips gradually become glossier and glossier between kissies, until they are as glossy as they can be without getting messy.

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, too much lipstick, exaggerated lipstick, heavy lipstick, heavy lipgloss

10 minutes for $14.99

lipstick fetish
"Big Glossy Lips"

My naturally full lips are SUCH an erogenous zone. Watch me make my lips even bigger and more luscious using lip pencil, pinky-nude lipstick, and a variety of delicious glosses. It all feels so good on my mouth, and you can tell how horny I get from applying more and more. *kissies*

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, lip expansion fetish, full lips, glossy lips, blonde fetish

14:15 mins. for $14.99

lipstick fetish
"Lipstick Brainwash"

Watch me apply creamy, berry-colored lipstick to my perfect pout, and stroke yourself until you cum! You can cum at any time during this clip, while I seduce you and encourage you to get hornier. You will be so turned on by my lip-puckers and kissies, that you won’t even realize that I am brainwashing you to become an obedient servant. All you know is how good I make you feel.

If you are in chastity, use this clip to further tease and torment you, but NO CUMMIES.

Includes: lipstick fetish, brainwashing, subliminals, kissies, lip-puckers, telling you to stroke, encouraging you to cum, glove fetish, blonde fetish

4:48 mins. for $9.99

lipstick fetish
"Cum 2 My Lips"

This seductive lipstick fetish clip is intended for two types:

1. Those who want to stroke and stroke and stroke while they watch
2. Those who want to suffer a great deal in chastity while they watch.

Watch me apply lipstick, purse my lips, make air kissies, and lick my lips while you listen to me tell you how badly you want to cum over and over again. Echo-y vocal effects add to a surreal quality, making you feel like you are being brainwashed to be addicted to my sexy lips. 3:34 mins for $6.99

lipstick fetish
"Erotic Lipstick Clip"

Just as the title says, this is a very erotic lipstick fetish clip; perhaps the most sultry and lusty Goddess Lycia has made yet! Watch her feminine sexuality come through with an especially arousing intensity as she applies this beautiful shade of plum-red to her luscious lips!

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipstick application, kissies, air kisses, moaning, whispering, arousal encouragement, lip gloss, sultry Goddess, HOTNESS. 9:53 mins. for $12.99

lipstick fetish
"Black Lipstick Trance"

Goddess Lycia looks and sounds more stunning than ever before in this ultra-sexy Femdom trance video. Watch as she sensually applies pitch-black lipstick to her perfectly-shaped lips. Be captivated by her velvet voice echoing throughout your mind. You are so enraptured that you are unable to understand what she is saying. You are losing track of the reality you once knew, falling ever so deeply under her powerful spell. More controlled than ever before, made to become more and more sexually aroused until your orgasm is forcibly taken from you, causing immense and irrevocable enslavement. ~ 12:43 mins. for $14.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom trance, mind control, lipstick fetish, black lipstick, lipstick hypnosis, lip gloss, mesmerism, seduction, enslavement, goth, gothic, cleavage, fingerless gloves, rings, forced orgasm, vocal effects.

lipstick domme
"Lipstick Domme"

This Femdom lipstick fetish clip was based on a request:

I was wondering whether you do custom clips. I would absolutely love to have one made for me :) I was thinking maybe 6-8 minutes lipstick fetish clip. You sensually put a very dark lipstick on (maybe dark red or black) and you slowly lick your lips and bite your lips throughout the clip. You say how weak I am for you and how I will fall for you and become a good slave/pay puppet.

Fetishes include: lipstick fetish, dark lipstick, lip-licking, lip-biting, seduction, manipulation, financial domination. 9:22 mins. for $12.99

lipstick fetish
"Woah Lips in Violetta"

I got a request to do "Woah Lips" with purple lipstick, too. I don't do any talking in this, so you'll just hear the lip sounds.

Includes: lipstick fetish, purple lipstick, full lips, glossy lips, kissies. 6:15 mins. for $6.99

lipstick fetish
"Woah Lips in RED"

I got a request to do "Woah Lips" with RED lipstick, too. I don't do any talking in this, so you'll just hear the lip sounds.

Includes: lipstick fetish, red lipstick, full lips, glossy lips, kissies. 5:03 mins. for $6.99

lipstick fetish
"Woah Lips in Black"

I got a request to do "Woah Lips" with black lipstick. Aside from the color change, I added one more type of lip-shape to the scene; otherwise it's pretty much the same as the original. I don't do any talking in this, so you'll just hear the lip sounds.

Includes: lipstick fetish, black lipstick, full lips, glossy lips, kissies. 6:32 minutes for $6.99

"Woah Lips"

This clip was requested by an admirer:

hey it says you do clip requests so i was wondering if you could do a video of BIG exaggerated pouts [with GLOSSY lips already applied] where you open and close your lips with them flared out and occasionally making your lips in an O shape but still flared out :) i think it would be a combo that a lot of people would like

if the camera could show your whole face that would be perfect


I wasn't sure how well I'd pull this off without seeing an example, but I am pretty sure I pulled it off quite well. I don't do any talking in this, so you'll just hear the lip sounds.

Includes: lipstick fetish, pink lips, full lips, glossy lips, kissies 4:05 mins. for $6.99

"Raspberry Lips"

Goddess Lycia seduces you with her sexy new lipstick color: Illicit Raspberry. The lipstick takes perfectly to her full, moist lips. She sensually applies it over and over again; it just feels sooo good gliding on. She licks her lips and gives you kissies, causing intense arousal and feelings of devotion.

Includes: lipstick fetish, red lips, lip-licking, kissies, full lips, seduction, goddess worship. 4:04 mins. for $6.99

"Lipstick Goddess"

Goddess Lycia has noticed your weakness for watching her apply lipstick, and decides to use your fetish against you, to seduce and enslave you. You are manipulated by Goddess Lycia's moist, red lips and intoxicating voice. Try to fight your inevitable addiction; my luscious, painted lips control you and your horny penis.

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss, manipulation, seduction, enslavement. 8:44 minutes for $8.99