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financial hypnosis
"Compulsory Cum Tax"

This Femdom hypnosis session was requested from an admirer a while back. He said, "I love the idea of having a cum tax but also being forced to do things that make will make me super aroused and much more likely to give in."

You should absolutely pay me in order to cum, I believe this. So many of you have been diddling for years and spurting whenever you want, without any supervision or rules to abide by. It's been a big mess, I'm sure. And I'm sure it's been difficult to control, which is why I'm here to brainwash you into needing to pay ME in order to cum, each and every time.

If you pay me only a little, you will be able to orgasm, but it will feel like a ruined orgasm and you will still feel very horny and needy. The more you pay, the better your orgasms will be. And I will make sure that you are as horny as possible, as often as possible, mostly because I am an emotional sadist, but also because I want you to NEED to pay me in order to release. If you don't pay me at all... sorry but it will be impossible to get relief. You'll just walk around being a desperately horny, cum-denied freak.


Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, financial domination, money slavery, orgasm control, increased arousal. 25 mins. for $29.99

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financial domination hypnosis
"Sublime Seduction, Cruel Control"

Get ready for your mind and genitals to buzz like never before! This is a highly interactive audio session in which I seduce you every step of the way. The focus will be on a combination of tease and denial and financial domination, so I recommend having your credit card(s) ready, and a very horny penis which hasn't released in a long time. It is important for you to be as horny as possible and have lots of money to spend for the most intensely tormenting and gratifying experience possible. You will also need to have access to the internet and your Niteflirt account as you listen to this session.

For this session, I summon all my seductive Goddess energy to play with your mind in body in a multitude of ways. Without even knowing it, you will be taken into a trance state, and you will be given instructions on what to view online and how to touch yourself. I will make your crush on me blossom, and cause your craving to obey me become stronger and stronger as I mess with your cute little mind. I will turn you on so much, but will also make you so weak that you know it will be impossible to orgasm without my permission.

You will ultimately find yourself obeying my every command in a lovestruck daze, playing with yourself and handing over more money to me in hopes of being permitted to release. Maybe if you do everything just as I order, you will experience a mind-blowing orgasm unlike any you've had before. Or maybe I will leave you denied no matter what, your ballzies blue and aching, and your wallet and bank accounts empty. Regardless of the outcome, you will be head-over-heels for the blonde Goddess who has seduced you beyond your wildest dreams.

Includes: erotic mind control, tease and denial, edging, financial domination, money slavery, love and addiction, light humiliation. 55:47 mins. for $49.99

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financial hypnosis
"Slave Tax Triggers"

It's definitely about time for a MONEY SLAVE BRAINWASHING session. This session will brainwash you into needing to pay me a certain amount in "taxes" every time you misbehave. Hey, if you are going to be a half-assed slave, I'd better be making money off it, right? You will have to listen to the recording to find out which behaviors will cost you what. After all, being trained properly is part of what you are paying for. Enjoy, bitches.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, financial domination, human atm, orgasm control, slave training. 24:06 mins. for $24.99

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"Wage Pet"

So, you admire Goddess Lycia a lot; maybe you even have a crush on her. And you *know* that she likes to get tributes and gifts, but you just haven't felt ready to tribute. Which wouldn't be an issue if you didn't *know* that it would make her happy. And you do want to make her happy, do you not?

Let's get that cute little head of yours on straight, shall we? Terms such as "financial domination" and "money slavery" are happy terms, I promise. Listen to this erotic hypnosis MP3 and you'll begin to see it all so very clearly. Once you see clearly, you can then begin your True Path of correct behavior.

If you already are one who tributes, but could use a little moral justification and/or confirmation, then this audio file will come in handy for you, as well. *kissy*

22:50 minutes for $24.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, financial domination, money slavery, goddess worship

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"Lycia's Greed"

This erotic hypnosis session will make you addicted to serving Goddess Lycia financially. Any time you listen to this recording, you will be compelled to send a $100 tribute immediately afterward, and you will need to tribute at least $100 every month in order to feel satisfied. You will have to set a monthly date when you will always send the tribute, or you'll feel unorganized, and it is very important to feel organized. Each time you tribute, you will have an intense erection that won't go away until you orgasm.

WARNING: Do not buy this mp3 unless you are able to tribute at least $100 per month, and listen to it only if you are prepared to tribute immediately afterward. It is your choice to undergo this financial conditioning program, and I do not claim responsibility for any side effects due to non-payment, including insomnia or any discomfort. In buying and listening to this recording, you expect to tribute me $100 per month, including $100 immediately after listening to this session each time you listen to it. If you are unable to continue payments at any time, stop listening to this recording.

Fetishes include: financial domination, money slavery, financial hypnosis, addiction, Goddess worship, evil hypnotist, subliminals. 29 mins. for $34.99

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