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"Lycia's EDGEucation Program"

Welcome to my EDGEucation program, where students with “special needs” are taught how to edge and deny themselves for an entire week.

The program lasts seven days, and the daily lessons are in the form of downloadable mp3 files. Each audio lesson is about ten minutes long, and will tell you all the tools you need and rules you need to follow for the corresponding day. Near the end of each lesson, you will be given an assignment to complete, and you will need to send me proof of its completion.*

As a student with special needs, you obviously require very specific instruction on how to tease and deny yourself, or you just get all frazzled and lost. As a compassionate EDGEucatrix, I am here to provide you with some much-needed structure, in regards to your genital region and your orgasms. You know you need a capable authority figure to tell you what to do with your body, how to do it, and with which tools. When left to your own decisions and devices, not much is accomplished, is it?

Day one starts whenever you know you have seven days in a row in which to study and do your tasks. In order to graduate from the program, you will need to do the lessons in order, without skipping a day. If you successfully complete the program, including each of your daily assignments, you earn a very special reward: permission to beg me for an orgasm.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Review each audio file the night before assignments are to be performed, or early in the morning on the day of the lesson. Each entire day in this program will revolve around your lesson and assignment, so you need to be prepared.

Program includes: edging, edging instruction, masturbation instruction, joi, tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity training, male chastity, teacher fetish, female authority figure, slave assignments, slave tasks, slave training, brainwashing, mind fucking

Day 1: Brushes and Feathers

For today’s assignment, you will need either makeup brushes, feathers, or another soft object to tease yourself with. Further instructions inside. 9:23 mins for $9.99

Day 2: Nipples and Anal

Today you will be focusing on teasing your nipples and anal area. You will not enter the anus, but will be dealing with the external area (therefore, you will not need any plugs or dildos). You will, however, need something to pinch your nipples with, such as clothespins or office clips. Further instructions inside. 10:12 mins for $9.99

Day 3: Porn Binging

Today you will be spending as much time as possible watching and/or listening to porn. Gather up all your favorite sexual videos, audios, and images, and prepare to be overwhelmed with erotic stimuli. Further instructions inside. 8:17 mins for $9.99

Day 4: Humping Things

Today you are prohibited from using your hands for stimulation. Instead, you will be instructed on what to hump, how to hump it, and for how long. 7:53 mins for $9.99

Day 5: Red Light Green Light

Today’s lesson consists of a guided masturbation session, which you will listen to as instructed. Each time you listen, you must adhere to my commands with precision. 12:41 mins for $14.99

Day 6: Oral Everything

Today you will learn how to develop an intense oral fixation, which will be very sexual in nature. You will need both a phallic and yonic object on which to practice. 10:35 mins for $9.99

Day 7: All Day Diddlefest

For the final lesson, you will be taught how to masturbate all day long without having an orgasm. 10:12 mins for $14.99

"Penis Puppet"

I have to use your hands, but it's actually me doing the touching. How could it *not* be me, when I am the one controlling your every motion? In this guided masturbation session, I will do all kinds of fun things to your penis with my skillful, manipulative, and slightly sadistic hands. It won't be too painful, I promise. Unless you take into consideration the fact that you will be completely DENIED an orgasm. I guess that leaving your penis throbbing and bobbing helplessly in the air after I drive it to the brink desperation is a little bit cruel. But it will feel so good when I cause an array of erotic sensations to your genital region that you won't really be thinking about the long-term effects that inability to release will have on your silly widdle psyche.

Includes: guided masturbation, joi, light cbt, tease and denial, orgasm denial, sensual sadism, brainwashing, light humiliation. 35:10 minutes for $34.99

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"Ballzie Tickle Torment"

This is a Femdom erotic hypnosis session in which Goddess Lycia teases and denies you in the most tormenting way: using her beautiful, long, perfectly manicured fingernails on your nether regions.

I start with a hypnosis induction, where I bring you into a profound state of euphoric suggestibility. Once I have complete control of your body and mind, I bring you to an extreme, heightened arousal with my beautiful nails. Your ballzies will become more full and heavy than ever before, but that is only the beginning.

You will be taken into a whole new dimension of sexual arousal and desperation as Goddess fucks your mind beyond repair. Your body will feel things you never imagined possible. I will bring you close to tears with your biological need to cum, but I will completely deny you from achieving any release whatsoever. And of course, you will thank me profusely for doing so.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, tease and denial, orgasm denial, mindfucking, mind games, erotic suffering, sexual torment, fingernail fetish, condescending Mistress. 36:15 minutes for $34.99

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"Teasie Teasie"
That thingie between your legs is so easy to manipulate and control, that I truly find it humorous. That's why I like to play with it and make it INSANE; it just makes me laugh! I mean, think about it: I have so much feminine sexual power that I turn your penis into a whole new creature. I basically turn it into a drippy, twitchy, throbbing mess, to the point where you feel like you might cry from all the pent-up sexual frustration. And what does Goddess Lycia do, while you suffer on the brink of orgasm, unable to make cummies without my permission? I point and laugh and tease you MORE. *kiss*

P.S. I hope this audio makes you blush and cry, too.

Includes: tease and denial, light humiliation, guided masturbation, manipulation, giggles, kissies, orgasm denial, chastity, cock tease. 22:02 minutes for $24.99
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"Good Boy Chastity"

This tease and denial audio file is based on a request:

"...if I can make a suggestion could you make a "good boy" tease and denial stroking MP3? I love to be a good boy for holding my cum in my full achy blue balls for my Mistress."

So, here is my absolutely HOT interpretation of this request! Be sure you have a soft object or fabric to tease your genitals with at my command, as well as some lubricant. 20:25 mins. for $24.99

Includes: guided masturbation, tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity, kissies, fetish development (for a soft object/fabric), sweet and condescending Mistress, being called a "good boy."

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"Guided Edging"

Goddess Lycia guides you through a very intense tease and denial session, where your hand is completely controlled by her voice. You are brought to the very edge of orgasm several different times, but are completely unable to cum! Maybe this is because you want to be a good submissive, and really obey your Goddess. Or perhaps it is due to the suggestions she is embedding deep within the realms of your subconscious mind while you are in such a vulnerable state~

This is not erotic hypnosis in the traditional sense, as it doesn't contain a traditional induction. However, tease and denial can create a trance state in which the person being teased is highly suggestible.

28 minutes for $34.99

Includes: tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity, trance state, obedience, enslavement, addiction, erotic suffering, sexual torment, tease and denial AS trance

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"No. More. CUMMIES."

So, how is thinking *incorrectly* going for you, slave? I bet you feel seriously fulfilled, wanking your prick and shooting goo whenever you damn well please. It must feel *awesome,* to know that a beautiful and amazing Goddess wants to treat your orgasms as valuable experiences that ought to be given as *deserved gifts,* yet you are still just fapping the fuck away like an 18-year-old horn dog with no morals or standards. EW.

Well, at least there is this erotic hypnosis mp3. If you listen to this every day, it is possible for you to redeem yourself as a TRUE chastity slave, who not only finds it IMPOSSIBLE to make cummies without permission from ME, but who doesn't even want to try. Get locked right here, sweetie. There ain't no chastity device like Total Mind Control.

25 minutes for $24.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, orgasm denial, chastity training

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tease and denial
"Hypno Cock Tease"

This brainwashing audio will tease and deny your horny aching penis, condition you to want to be locked up in a chastity cage as often as possible, and create in you a strong fetish for being tormented by a soft feather on your genitals. You become more and more aroused and desperate to cum, more addicted to Goddess Lycia, and much more accepting of a chastity lifestyle. You will be forever aroused and desperate for release, but you will always need Goddess Lycia's permission to cum. Listen several times per day for maximum results. 15:28 minutes for $19.99.

Includes: brainwashing, mind control, cock control, tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity training, erotic suffering, emotional sadism, teased with a feather

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"Wanna Cum?"
Goddess Lycia and Isabella Valentine take you into a deep hypnotic trance, and then tease and deny you like crazy! You will be throbbing and thrusting, whimpering and squirming...we'll practically have you in tears! Multiple trigger words are repeatedly used to increase your arousal. But will we let you make cummies, after torturing you for so long? Guess you'll have to find out!

Fetishes include: erotic hypnosis, tease and denial. 30 mins. for $34.99.
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"To the Brink"
Hypnosis/Tease and denial session in which I work your penis up to the very edge, causing the head to swell more and more, turning darker and darker red, until it turns purple. Pre-cum will seep out of your penis as it pulsates and throbs over and over again. This is a NO TOUCHING and NO CUMMING session. you will simply observe as your desperate, horny, cum-denied penis takes on many intense transformations, simply due to My utterly powerful hypnosis and cock control techniques. you will be unable to cum until you ask the permission of a Dominant Woman, and receive Her consent. 30 minutes for $34.99.
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The tease and denial game consists of 5 different tease and denial voice recordings. The prices are totally random, as are the lengths of the tease and denial recordings. The cost of each recording may or may not have to do with its quality or length. Additionally, you may or may not be given permission to cum. I recommend you listen to them in order, but it isn't necessary. Play the whole game if you really want the full tease and denial training experience.

Fetishes include: tease and denial, orgasm denial, mind games, masturbation instruction, mild cbt, light humiliation, cock teasing.

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