You boys have been programmed by my erotic hypnosis audios, videos, and phone sessions to be incapable of cumming without my permission. Every day, I get messages from you, begging me to allow you release. Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no, and other times I make you jump through hoops to get permission. Well let’s make this a little easier for me, shall we?

There are 12 NiteFlirt pay-to-view buttons to this game. Three of them give you permission to cum however you like, three of them deny you any permission at all, and six of them allow you to orgasm in the humiliating manner of my choosing! Each humiliating orgasm is different than the others, and each pay-to-view contains a unique, written response to your plea to make cummies.

I can just imagine you, with your purple, poofy penis, pointing like an arrow in my direction, both frightened and excited to discover its fate. ~smiles~

This game includes: tease and denial, orgasm denial, humiliation, humiliating masturbation, humiliating orgasms, permission to cum, financial domination, feminization

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