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Hey sweeties~

So yeah- it was about time I updated the look and structure of this NiteFlirt site, especially now with so many people viewing on smart phones. I hope it’s easier for you to find the erotic Femdom material you’re looking for!

I’ve been working on some other projects, which I will tweet about when they’re ready for public consumption.

Because this is my NiteFlirt-friendly site- -which I link to from my NiteFlirt listings– -I won’t be posting links to my social media or my other sites. Just in case you wonder why- it’s because I would like to comply with all of NF’s terms of service, which includes their rules pertaining to traffic leaks.

As far as my online Domme ventures as of late, there’s not much exciting to report. I’ve been so engulfed in working on my secret projects (both related and unrelated to Femdom) that I haven’t had much time for my submissives and fans. 

Aside from that, I am less public about my interactions with slaves and customers than I used to be. Not everyone needs to know everything. I find it fun when a subbie likes to interact on social media, and the whole exhibitionism thing. Otherwise, I don’t really think all my private Femdom interactions need to be expressed to the public- especially for free. All the oglers.

I do hope to implement some more cool features here. Until then, enjoy what’s up. If there are some Femdom hypnosis or lipstick fetish files you particularly enjoy, find those products on this site, rate, and write a review. This way, when people “sort by rating” they’ll have something to go by.

I should be around most of the day today, and am available for calls from established clientele. If we have not spoken before, write to me through NF mail or chat and introduce yourself before calling!


Goddess Lycia

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