“Advanced Ego Shredding” MP3

Advanced Ego Shredding

The premise of this humiliation audio file is to remove any of your remaining male sexual behaviour and confidence. This will be achieved through confrontational therapy, and by further implementing strong humiliation fetishes as the center of your sexuality.

You will be confronted about the weirdness, freakishness and perversion level of your “penis,” and how disgusting and disturbing it has become for attractive girls. You will be confronted about what a circus freak show your overall sexuality has become, and how you will never be able to perform vaginal intercourse ever again (assuming you ever have).

This session is not about trying to “insult” you, it is about presenting the facts of your sexuality in a calm and direct manner. You are sexually inadequate in some way or another, whether it has to do with your penis size, penis functionality, or just your overall personality and abilities to be a proper male lover.

We must remove any kind of perspective of your being able to penetrate a vagina, which is a false hope. We will foster in you a more concrete awareness of your weirdo fetishes, and be honest regarding how women truly feel about them.

The only way to go from here is to intensify the shame in your penis; to make it more present and growing, and more of an essential fetish. You will need to concentrate fully on the weirdness of your totally freakish sexuality all the time. And the deep shame you feel will not be a result of my “insulting” you, but because you are finally free from the denial– you know, the part of you with the “male ego” that thinks there’s still a chance, lol.

Includes: humiliation, emasculation, twisted therapy fantasy, CFNM, brainwashing

19 mins. for $19.99

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