femdom lipstick fetish

This is a sexy, playful, and mesmerizing Femdom lipstick fetish clip. It has a similar setup to my classic humiliation clip, Mind Fuck Masturbation, with three different areas of footage playing at once.

On the left, I am applying red lip gloss, playing with the tube, and giving a sensual lip show. On the right, I simulate male masturbation, encouraging you to play with yourself while also mocking you and giggling at you. Above both is slow motion hypnotic footage of my glossy red lips and kissies.

The voice overs match the graphics, with the left one sweetly seducing you while the right one playfully mocks you, reminding you how weak I make you, and how easily I control you and your penis.

Moaning and laughter in the background contributes to your overall arousal and mind-fuckedness.

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, lip worship, goddess worship, mind fuck, humiliation, femdom, moaning, laughing, giggling

3:18 mins. for $12.99

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