“Not a Penis Curse” MP3

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Not a Penis Curse

This is not a penis curse. The intention of this Femdom hypnosis audio session is not to make you ALWAYS HORNY but unable to orgasm without my permission. You will not desire almost-constant edging without release. Your penis will not tingle, throb, and buzz all day, every day. And the whole predicament you aren’t in- -being excessively horny all the time, wanting to diddle and edge whenever possible- -will not feel unfair. You will not feel flustered and frustrated due to your need to get my permission to cum. The constant sexual arousal you do not feel will not, at times, become nearly unbearable.

This is not a curse on your actual penis- -that silly thing between your legs- -that will turn you into a needy, desperate, almost infuriated submissive bitch with zero control over what I have done to it. It is all just roleplay, of course. A fantasy about being a horny, needy, diddler. And the imaginary idea that someone else could control your orgasms (or lack thereof) through an audio file. Besides, “curses” don’t even exist, lol.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, tease and denial, mind control, mind fucking, emotional masochism, mental domination, orgasm control, reverse psychology, constant sexual arousal, always horny penis, need for diddling, need for edging, need for permission to cum, orgasm trigger at end!

30+ mins. for $34.99

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