“Spontaneous Spurties” MP3

premature ejaculation

This Femdom audio file was inspired by a request:

Would you make a spontaneous ejaculation file? It can be tease and denial focused, where you imprint the need to diddle compulsively but not getting to release, so that whenever we go out in public we’re already desperate and oozing precum. Maybe with a remote controlled vibrating butt-plug to stimulate further without touching the circus animal and then eventually the fateful conversation with an attractive woman that leads to spurting in our pants – egging us on, telling us how good it will feel to finally release. Instilling it so that eventually we can never talk to an attractive woman without immediately sliming ourselves?

I thought about this hilarious request for a while, and decided I first needed to come up with my own definition of “spurt” in order to take this further:

Spurt /spərt/
transitive verb

1: Sudden, unexpected ejaculation that occurs simply from conversing with an attractive female, especially in public; most commonly a result of engaging in lots of tease and denial with Goddess Lycia’s training files

2: The goop that stains your pants when you spontaneously ejaculate; the actual substance that is spurted

Listen to this file if you want a lifestyle of teasing and edging your penis to my files and commands. You never get to have a regular orgasm, either through sex or masturbation. This training will have all your erotic energy built up so intensely that as soon as you are in the presence of an attractive woman, you will simply jizz your pants.

And she will probably know, from your facial expressions and the sounds you make- not to mention the wet spot that’s suddenly on your pants. How embarrassing, right? Frustrating, too. But this will be your new lifestyle if you decide to listen. Kissies

Note: Remote controlled vibrating butt-plug is optional

Includes: premature ejaculation, spontaneous ejaculation, humiliation, tease and denial, dork, loser, nice sex life you got there lol

25+ mins. for $29.99

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