“Magik Metalik Lypno” Video

lipstick hypno
Magik Metalik Lypno

Lipstick fetish mesmerism with a ~strangely seductive~ metallic lipstick

For the induction, watch me apply lipstick as you listen to an audio mix made from parts of my other Femdom mesmerism files.

After the induction, I speak directly to you, controlling your mind and your slut parts. I tease you with my lips and my cleavage, and encourage you to be my financial slave. Especially a financial slave in chastity!

After I mesmerize you and rearrange your mind to being even more enslaved to me, I humiliate you by reminding you that I am out of your league and will never date you.

Includes: femdom mesmerism, lipstick trance, erotic mind control, lipstick fetish, metallic lips, kissies, cleavage fetish, bouncing boobs, seduction, enslavement, financial domination, mind fuck, mental domination, cock control, rejection fetish 10+ mins for $19.99

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