Chastity Alphabet




Chastity Alphabet

Because Perv Alphabet has been so popular and effective, I decided to make another alphabet file. This one is all about chastity and service.

In this brainwashing audio, I will teach you which word to associate with each letter of the alphabet. Each word is related to your being chaste and constantly horny, so that you can diddle or make cummies only with the direct permission of a Dominant Woman.

The words I instill in you will be strong reminders of your dire need to be a chastity slave, who is always submissive, servile, and useful to the Woman or Women you adore. And whenever you see any of the letters (at least two inches tall) standing alone, you will immediately be triggered into the word it represents, along with all of its related feelings, and sometimes (depending on the word) into associated behaviors. To distinguish the Chastity Alphabet triggers from the Perv Alphabet triggers, letters that trigger your chastity vocab will always be some shade of BLUE.

This is going to make your life as a chaste and useful submissive so much more enjoyable!

Includes: brainwashing, male chastity, tease and denial, orgasm denial, goddess worship, slave training

Other chastity files mentioned in this MP3 include: No More Cummies, Good Boy Chastity, and Virginity Reset

28:19 for $29.99

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