Cuckold to a Candy Cane

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Cuckold to a Candy Cane

Ever get seriously jealous of a candy cane? I mean like burning-pit-of-fire jealousy, where you just wish SO HARD that you could trade places with a candy cane for even a minute? Where you are just so pissed off- -yet insanely aroused- -about the fact that your wish is impossible?

Whether or not you’ve experienced this phenomenon before, here you have it- in Cuckold to a Candy Cane. It’s gonna hurt, sweetie, but it’s an addictive kind of pain that makes your silly thingy so stiff and drippy~


Includes: lipstick fetish, lollipop lickers, tease and denial, orgasm denial, financial domination, cuckold to a piece of candy lol

20+ mins for $24.99

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1 review for Cuckold to a Candy Cane

  1. holesie

    Unbelievably sexy, Goddess Lycia managed to make me deeply jealous of a candy cane.

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