Gay Guy




Gay Guy

This erotic hypnosis session was requested by an admirer. Here’s his initial e-mail:

I would love to hear an MP3 about male body worship. Not so much a “sissy” recording but one where our attraction to men is reinforced. Example material might include calling me (the listener) a homosexual, gay, faggot, cocksucker who loves to worship and lick men’s bodies and suck cock. Tell me to come out of the closet and stop pretending to be straight. That it’s men I love and I know in my heart of hearts it’s true. I can’t deny it. Be honest. Accept it. I’m gay. I love and need men, their bodies, their cocks, their abs, their asses. I’d love to hear about how much I love being with hot, naked, sexy men: male body worship, muscles, hard cocks, licking their bodies, kissing them, making love to young men, worshipping them as gods, kneeling before their asses, being a homosexual…

My response:

I like the idea. It would be hypnosis, right?

His response:

Absolutely! Not so much humiliation but reinforcement.

My response:

I hear ya. It’s not about being degraded or humiliated. It’s not about wearing panties or being girly. It’s about being a gay guy, and loving men’s bodies, including their cocks, and wanting to lick them all over.

So here you have it. You’re gay, just admit it. It’s absolutely silly that you’ve been faking straightness all this time. You love cock and the male physique. You want to be just like the homosexuals of high standing from ancient Rome and classical Greece. You want to kneel before sexy man ass and muscular thighs. You want their cocks to fill your mouths until you suck the cum out from their balls, swallowing every last drop. You just need a little reinforcement, sweetie. You just need to listen to “Gay Guy.”

Includes: erotic hypnosis, homosexuality, cocksucking, fellatio, male body worship. 28 mins. for $29.99.

Note: I encourage safer sex practices. Get tested and make sure your partners are tested, too.

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