Humiliation Sensitization




Humiliation Sensitization

Ever since you’ve been rejected from the vulva, you have been the unfortunate target of even more rejection and cruelty. It eventually got to the point where you began to eroticize and fetishize cruelty. You started jacking off to internet and phone humiliation, and maybe even seeing professional Dominatrices in real time. Maybe you have even gotten to the point where you’ve accepted your ridiculous “sex life,” which consists of diddling to Femdom humiliation that you pay for.

The only problem, now, is that you’ve gotten so used to being ridiculed and treated like crap that you’ve been kind of desensitized to the humiliation that you used to feel so strongly. You want to be able to feel deep penetrating shame, relentless rejection, and utter embarrassment again, as strongly as you used to. Being humiliated makes you SO HORNY, and it causes you to cum SO HARD; you just really need to feel your shame as profoundly as humanly possible.

Well, this Femdom hypnosis MP3 will make you much more highly sensitized to humiliation once again, so that you can really feel and enjoy the emotional anguish and suffering.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, intense humiliation, orgasm denial. 32:18 minutes for $34.99

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