I Figured Out your Fetish!




I Figured Out your Fetish!

Why are you looking at me that way? You look like you’re aroused or something. OMG, you *are* aroused, how funny. Why? Is it my sexy satin opera gloves? Oh wait, it’s my sizzling leather booties, right? OH… I know what it is! That lump in your pants is because of my pantyhose and stockings! Haha, teasie, teasie! Oh, it’s totally fine if you get horny about my pantyhose, but you’re going to have to sniff my shoes and my feet. And *then* you’ll be addicted, and you’ll have to start giving me MONEY to experience it again! 10:31 minutes for $12.99

Includes: pantyhose fetish, stocking fetish, smell fetish, shoe fetish, satin gloves, cleavage, teasing, manipulation, financial domination, femdom

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