Oh So Prissy

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Oh So Prissy

OMGosh, sissy; I am *so* excited. I have everything I need for the hugely amazing party tonight, including your very elaborate sissy outfit from Sissy Kiss Boutique! It has been a long-running fantasy of mine to rent out this huge building and throw a party for all my open-minded, adult friends. But the most important part of my fantasy has been to have my very own sissy to dress in the most ridiculously prissy, frilly, sissy attire imaginable. Guess who’s going to be Star of the Party?

First I will hypnotize you, so that you are at ease with the situation. Don’t worry, you will definitely be able to feel all the sissy shame and embarrassment in the universe; the hypnosis will just make it so that your nerves are relaxed. After all, there will be hundreds of people attending, many of whom will be snapping pictures of you in your overly-ornate sissy attire. After the hypno, I will dress you piece by frilly pink piece, and then parade you throughout the building for all the guests to gawk at!

It will be so much fun, sissy! And just wait until I take you onto the stage and force you to make sissy squirties in front of a full audience of giggling spectators! It will be the best party of the year so far, and an evening that will be forever remembered by all.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, sissification hypnosis, sissy hypnosis, sissification, prissification, prissy sissy, forced crossdressing, forced exhibitionism, sissy humiliation, ultra girly clothing, pink pink pink, ribbons and bows, lace and ruffles, frills. 38 minutes for $34.99

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  1. jk

    really good file also seems like it could be fun in real life

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