Teasing your Cummies Out




Teasing your Cummies Out

In this erotic hypnosis session, I first do an induction into trance, where you will become very relaxed and highly suggestible. Once you are in a deep state of trance, I will take control over your body and mind completely. Your level of sexual arousal will increase as I build your quantity of cummies, making your balls very full and heavy. Then I will tease your cummies out using a combination of sexual moaning, kissy sounds, and repetition of trigger phrases, such as “I am teasing your cummies out.” You will also be conditioned to become more permanently and irrevocably enslaved to me.

You may orgasm any time after the induction. In case the cummies aren’t yet released by the time we near the end of this session, I will give an orgasm trigger that will force them out.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, teasing, kissies, moaning, cutesie talk, forced orgasm, enslavement. 40:50 minutes for $34.99

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P.S. This Femdom hypnosis session is also a *perfect* torment to boyz who are locked in chastity! Make sure you are locked up, listen, and SUFFER while everyone else has amazing orgasms *giggles*


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