The Clinic




The Clinic

Welcome to The Clinic. This clinic is especially for hopelessly Mistress Lycia-obsessed, blue-balled hypnoslaves.

Meet Nurse Lina, who clearly has sympathy for your very serious condition. She used to be one of Mistress Lycia’s subjects Herself! Like all of the Women employed at The Clinic, Nurse Lina wears a sheer white blouse, unbuttoned at the top, a white bra, and a tight-fitting skirt. She injects you with your much-needed Lycaphine, bringing you deeper into a trance than ever before.

Then, Doctor Leila is introduced. She assesses the condition of your aching, swelling testicles, and provides hands-on treatment, using a special, medicated oil which heightens sensitivity and arousal.

Will you be allowed to cum at The Clinic? Mistress Lycia and Nurse Lina observe as Doctor Leila gives you the most amazing tease and denial handjob you have ever imagined. She has been trained to use her soft, skillful hands and long fingers to tease and torture you to the brink. you must have the permission of Mistress Lycia or Her minions in order to cum. Was coming to The Clinic a mistake? Will everything be even more intense now? I dare you to find out *smiles* 34 minutes for $34.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, tease and denial, medical fetish

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