This Femdom audio file is for virgin losers who love feeling humiliated. THE CRINGE is set up like a sitcom about a clumsy, awkward virgin (named dorfkie) that can’t get laid. Those who have Real Person Sex prepare their drinks and entertain themselves with THE CRINGE. They laugh at dorfkie as it desperately tries to lose its virginity with the only girl it has ever dated. Meanwhile, Goddess Lycia is the “Presenter,” who makes a mean-spirited mockery of its failures.

Dorfkie represents YOU. It fumbles its way through life, being clueless with women. It’s “on the spectrum,” and always realizes how horribly it has messed when it’s too late. The details of dorfkie’s humiliating existence may differ from your life, but THE CRINGE essentially your story.

As a result of many awful attempts to win over the one girl who ever gave it a chance, the virgin loser becomes a hardcore Femdom humiliation addict. It trains to a file called “Internet Loser Lifestyle,” by Goddess Lycia. This humiliation file gives dorfkie the push it needs to be its true self. Meaning, an idiot who devotes its life to paying mean internet bitches and diddling it’s stupid “penis.”

All of this is being publicly exposed on TV in a goofy and animated manner, while also being highly traumatizing for you. YAY!

Includes: virgin loser, virgin humiliation, chronic masturbation, internet loser, socially awkward, on the spectrum

40:11 mins. for $39.99

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