The Elusive Dance




The Elusive Dance

What a nice evening it is. The sun has yet to set; perhaps a walk through the forest would do you some good. you haven’t taken enough time for yourself lately, to just breathe and enjoy the soft breeze against your face.

It’s summertime, and the trees are a deep, lush green in the light of dusk. Sometimes you can hear a small animal scurry through the grass, and the last chirps of birds before slumber. After a little stroll, you decide to sit down, relax your back against the strong trunk of a majestic old tree; be one with the earth, and allow it to drift you to sleep. The moon will be bright and full, just remember which direction you came from.

“Huh? What’s that sound?” you awaken to an atmospheric melody much like music. But forests do not create music…are you dreaming? Perhaps you are, or perhaps it is the beautiful Woman moving seductively before you, weaving music into the air with Her dance.

Without speaking, She summons you to your feet. Her legs, Her hips, Her hands, moving so gracefully that you are magnetized. She softly wraps Her arms around your neck, and pulls you close. Her body is adorned in sheer layers of cloth which are continuously lifted by the wind. Her body gliding against you, weaving a spell.

But then she lets go. She giggles, and turns away. She moves deeper into the woods, and you are compelled to follow. Shouldn’t you get home, sweet submissive? It’s very dark now…

you follow Her, absentmindedly, not knowing or caring where She will lead you. A part of you thinks that you should just turn around and go home, but she weaves an intricate pattern through the trees, and soon you forget where you came from.

Occasionally, She stops at a large tree; looks at you and smiles. you are gently pushed back against the tree, and She presses Her body to you again. As She dances against you, you are unable to move. All you can feel is the immense sexual arousal growing inside, and a powerful love spell consuming your entire being.

When She dances, all is perfection. The desire you feel for Her is unlike anything you have ever experienced. But then She moves away, eluding you. And all you can do is follow.

Where will this mysterious Woman lead you? Why does She tease you with Her sexy moves, just to end it by walking away? And why are you compelled to follow this stranger, when doing so could lead to ultimate danger?

you might not discover the answer to any of these questions, but it doesn’t really matter, sweetie. What matters is the rush of lust. What matters is that which feels so good, regardless of any consequences: being obtained by the unattainable, if only for one night.

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