The Surreal Circle of Humiliation




This humiliation audio file was a custom order from a fan, and I decided to sell it to the public for much cheaper than what “it” paid. You are so lucky, and so thankful for the weirdo pervert who commissioned it.

Here was its request:

“I had an idea for a humiliation audio that could maybe be a part of the Diddlefreak series. Something like, ‘They’re all gonna laugh at you’ from Stephen King’s Carrie. There would be swirling cackles and laughter, mixed with gasps, gags, and lines of off-putting rejection. It would be like a rejection reconditioning, making me embarrassed by my existence and to feel more and more insecure. Diddling and being a weird pervert seems like a great premise. The overall file would be surreal and intense, with verbal humiliation for diddling, virgin mockery, and cruel taunting about my small penis.

So here it is, a 30 minute intense audio file for those who are (and always will be) virgins, those who have a very small penis, and those who masturbate way too much! Also for anyone who gets off on being rejected, mocked, and ridiculed for being a weirdo pervert. Get overwhelmed by the surreal circle of humiliation!

30:23 mins. for $34.99

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