To the Brink

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To the Brink

Hypnosis/tease and denial session in which I work your penis up to the very edge, causing the head to swell more and more, turning darker and darker red, until it turns purple. Pre-cum will seep out of your penis as it pulsates and throbs over and over again.

This is a NO TOUCHING and NO CUMMING session. You will simply observe as your desperate, horny, cum-denied penis takes on many intense transformations, simply due to my utterly powerful hypnosis and cock control techniques. You will be unable to cum until you ask the permission of a Dominant Woman, and receive Her consent.

30 minutes for $34.99.

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1 review for To the Brink

  1. Piggy Jester

    This file got me closer and closer to release without sending me over. Well one time I watched in horror as my wee wee made squirties without even being touched because i had not been given permission. So be careful if you are under strict chastity. But after that I learned how to keep that from happening and just watch as my wee pee got close but no cums.

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