This video was inspired by the following request:

“You’ve made a lot of wonderful clips featuring your lips and kissies but I’d really like to see one where you emphasize the word kissie over and over again while pursing your lips and kissing.

At the same time you might be saying things like: Have you been a good boy? Only good boys get kissies. Naughty boys never get kissies from Goddess. Naughty boys get spankies on their bare bottoms.

So this would continue for a while with perhaps some variations (You are so insightful and creative, I’m sure you don’t need much guidance from me).

But eventually you’d tease about the viewer making squirties…asking if your kissies were going to make me make squirties. Repeating this like a mantra, teasing–kissies make wimps make squirties, etc. Then saying how pathetic that is and how perverted. And how totally wimpy.”

7:21 mins for $12.99

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