Woah Lips in Burgundy




A lipstick fetish fan requested that I do another clip similar to the “Woah Lips” series from several years ago.

I start with bare lips, then apply a couple coats of chap stick, and then many coats of shiny burgundy lipstick.

As you look up at me, I gradually go from subtle pouts and kisses, to some biting and licking, with a lot of soft lip smelling between. Every motion and expression is slow and deliberate, giving you time to take in and process my sensuality to the fullest.

At the very end it gets a little bit messy, with some lipstick sensually smeared across one cheek.

Light talking, about how how sexy and luscious my lips are. That you are addicted to my lips, and I have so much power over you when I use them to seduce you.

Includes: lip fetish, full lips, lipstick fetish, lip smelling, lipstick application, kissies

11+ minutes for $14.99

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