You’re Still a Wimp for Kissies? (KISSYMAS THEME)




A sequel to my original “Wimp for Kissies” clip.

I deeply tease with my lipstick kissies, and go on about how I can’t believe you want to make squirties for my kissies… that is so unmanly!

Real men want to actually press their lips against mine when they see me make a kissing mouth. And real men don’t get excited by the word “kissie.” Real men get kissies.

Wimps like you get to stare at my kissies, and dream and hope, but know that I am completely out of your league and you would never get a real kiss from me.

Only beta wimps (like you) stare haplessly, helplessly at my luscious lips and make uncontrollable squirties. How pathetic…how silly… what a silly silly dweeb! Dorks like you, sweetie, never ever get real kissies.

And you can’t make a squirtie either. You have to write me and ask pretty please, if you might be allowed to make a big messie while you stare like a gooner at me making fun of you… making kissies at you. In your note to me, make it clear that you are a beta wimp and and need to make a squirtie for my kissies.

Includes: lipstick fetish, red glossy lips, lipstick application, lipstick kissies, humiliation, condescending mistress, mocking you, mind fuck, orgasm control, goddess worship, money mistress

21+ minutes for $24.99

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