“Sissy Alphabet” MP3

Sissy Alphabet

Because Perv Alphabet and Chastity Alphabet have been so popular and effective, I decided to make yet another alphabet file. This one is all about being a SISSY.

In this brainwashing audio, I will teach you which word to associate with each letter of the alphabet. Each word is related to your being a sissy crossdresser with feminine mannerisms, because that’s what you want to be and you just need a little push, right?

The words I instill in you will be strong reminders of your dire need to be a crossdressing sissy, who adores pretty, girly things and who loves showing off her femininity. And whenever you see any of the letters (at least two inches tall) standing alone, you will immediately be triggered into the word it represents, along with all of its related feelings, and sometimes (depending on the word) into associated behaviors.

To distinguish the SISSY Alphabet triggers from the Perv Alphabet and Chastity Alphabet triggers, letters that trigger your SISSY vocab will always be some shade of PINK.

This is going to make your life as a super effeminate crossdresser so much more enjoyable!

Includes: brainwashing, feminization, sissification, crossdressing, sissy training

29:52 for $29.99

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