“Chastity Trance” Video

Chastity Trance

This mesmerizing chastity training video was inspired by a fan’s request:

I’m sure there are tons of guys dying for a chastity hypnosis video. I’m sure that would sell like hot cakes.

I’m thinking it’d be of you looking teasingly gorgeous and hypnotizing the guy using your seductive means to want to be in and stay in chastity for you. And tease and humiliate him for wanting this vs actual sex and help him want to stay caged when it gets tough.

I’m tingling at the idea of dying to come out but then convinced to lock back up.

Maybe include portions of footage where you tease a locked slave. Have it mostly of your gaze mixed up with that. Speaking seductively dominant (as you do perfectly). Make them want to stay in chastity, stay horny and get ADDICTED! Mmmhhh

Includes: femdom hypnosis, chastity training, male chastity, mental domination, mind fuck, mesmerize, lipstick fetish, toesies fetish

19:19 mins for $24.99

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