Diddle Dweeb Dreamscape




This humiliation soundscape is perfect for those who like to masturbate to intense mockery and ridicule. It includes many sounds and “voices” piled on top of one another. It’s as if you are being insulted from every direction at once. Wear headphones for the best result!

You will be encouraged to masturbate, and also shamed for masturbating. It’s a big mind fuck! You’ll also experience the heavily mortified feeling of being a “derpy” masturbating spectacle.

There is lots of chatter, whispers, laughter, and moaning. Its very heavy on profanity and insults- a lot to register all at once.

The tone of erotic humiliation is cruel and intense, but also quite comical… depending on your state of mind.

If you’d like to play with yourself to a humiliation soundscape where you are being mocked, ridiculed and rejected to the point of overwhelm- then this is for you.

30+ mins for $29.99

Includes: humiliation, beta male humiliation, goontard material, femdom mindfuck, rejection fetish, verbal humiliation, verbal abuse, mean femdom, compulsive masturbation


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