This Femdom hypnosis file makes it so that you are HYPERAROUSED whenever you are around women. You will get intense, uncontrollable erections very easily, at the slightest glimpse of whatever turns you on. It could be slight cleavage, high-heeled shoes, an ass in tight pants- anything that could possibly cause you sexual excitement is magnified times a thousand. These visual details will become so apparent in public that you will be getting boners all the time, even if it’s while you are at work or in a bad timing situation.

Your penis will have a mind of its own- it will become helplessly hard over every little possibly sexual detail, even around women you wouldn’t have previously found attractive. You will completely lose all control over your “circus animal,” to the point where it becomes embarrassing. You will feel frequent urges to achieve sexual release as soon as possible, either through masturbation or intercourse with a lover. Your newfound extreme hyperarousal will be permanent, and will get even worse if you try to resist.

Includes: Femdom hypnosis, erotic mind control, heightened sexual arousal, uncontrollable erections

32:40 mins. for $34.99

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