Goddess Worship Doctrine

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Goddess Worship Doctrine

This Femdom hypnosis audio file is for my online slaves and submissives, and those who want to be. You need some clarification about how to serve me properly- I understand. I take you into a nice, suggestible place where my information can be deeply embedded in your subconscious, making it easier to fulfill your duty and moral obligation to Goddess Lycia.

While you are entranced, I instill My Rules as an Online Domme- what you are expected to do in order to please me. When you are behaving correctly, you will feel wonderful, euphoric sensations. If you engage in unwanted behaviors, you will feel a strong sense of guilt and shame, which will prevent you from doing the same again.

Poor sweeties- you’ve been confused. All this erotic material and writing in all these different places- what’s a subbie to do? Here’s your long-awaited and desperately needed solution. Listen, and your True Path will be illuminated.

Includes : femdom hypnosis, goddess worship, slave training, financial servitude

32 minutes for $34.99

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3 reviews for Goddess Worship Doctrine

  1. brainnfried

    Very deep and relaxing session with the perfect Goddess Lycia helping you to think and act correctly. Great file.

  2. Gabriel

    “Goddess Worship Doctrine” is an ESSENTIAL hypnosis file for anyone seeking an understanding of how to serve a Goddess. Goddess Lycia’s velvety voice guides the listener through easily understood tenets of correct and incorrect thought. This file is the foundation of any proper submissive’s worship.

  3. Slave22954

    Goddess Lycia, thank you for beautiful training file! There are many times when this teaching helps me to avoid incorrect behavior, and to think and BEHAVE correctly. It also comes to mind when i make decisions because it helps me to prioritize correctly.

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