Hypno Blackmail Training




Hypno Blackmail Training

This Femdom hypnosis session will ultimately cause you to be fully enslaved to me through blackmail. It will train you to readily give up information to me that can be used for blackmail, and once you have completely bared everything to me, you will have achieved the amazing feeling of total ownership and humiliation. The feeling of degradation will be overwhelming and permanent. I will be the only person who arouses you, because I will be the only person with this immense level of blackmail information about you.

You will also be conditioned so that every time you listen to this hypnosis session, you will need to give up two pieces of information. One will be a secret, something that you feel is embarrassing or shameful; something you don’t want any person in your life to find out about. Suggestions could be things like masturbation habits, things you’ve put in your ass, your interaction with Pro Dommes and Phone Dommes, wearing lingerie, being in chastity, fantasizing about women in your life, and sexual encounters with other men. Over time, the confessions will be more humiliating, and include photographs and videos of your confessions.

Each time you reveal a humiliating secret, you must also give up a piece of your normal life, such as where you work and the name of your boss, the name and e-mail of your wife or girlfriend, and basically any and all information about how I can contact the people who you would be most fearful of me exposing you to. For example, you admit that you have bought dirty panties from online Dommes so you could smell them while you masturbate, and you also reveal the name and email of your wife’s best friend. When both are sent together the shame will be intense.

You will be taught to be greatly aroused by the humiliation of sending the information, the knowledge that I know this information about you, the fact that I will torment you by reminding you that I have this information, and that I can force you at any time to perform for me. I will demonstrate my complete control over you. By knowing so much information about you, I will become a bigger and more important part of your life. I will have more control over you each and every day, which is what makes you more humiliated, aroused, and hard. Ultimately your life will become one of complete fear and humiliation, which turns you on more than anything. I will require you to do more and more humiliating and dangerous tasks in order to avoid blackmail, which will only give me more information to blackmail you with!

Includes: femdom hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, blackmail, humiliation, enslaved to me, completely controlled by me. 30:47 mins. for $29.99

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