Jism Ingestion




Jism Ingestion

This erotic hypnosis file will condition your mind to accept the following fact: You MUST eat all of the cummies you produce, unless they are lost within the realms of another orifice. In other words, no matter where your cummies land, they must end up sliding down your throat and into your tummy, unless the cummies have already been engulfed by pootang, ass, or the mouth of another. Although even in those scenarios, you will try to suck out as much of your cummies as possible.

You will feel uncomfortable and incomplete unless you finish each and every one of your orgasms by consuming your cum. You will feel guilty and overall crappy if you just let the cum go into a garbage can or toilet bowl; it is just NOT RIGHT. There are a billion reasons why eating your own cum is a good and SEXY thing to do, even if it is a little embarrassing for you.

And the best part of this audio file is that I guide you to an orgasm and trigger you to eat it during the session! So, seriously, QUIT WASTING CUMMIES. Buy this erotic hypnosis MP3, listen, orgasm, eat it, and be changed.

27:19 minutes for $29.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, cum eating

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