Guided Edging

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Guided Edging

Goddess Lycia guides you through a very intense tease and denial session, where your hand is completely controlled by her voice. You are brought to the very edge of orgasm several different times, but are completely unable to cum! Maybe this is because you want to be a good submissive, and really obey your Goddess. Or perhaps it is due to the suggestions she is embedding deep within the realms of your subconscious mind while you are in such a vulnerable state~

This is not erotic hypnosis in the traditional sense, as it doesn’t contain a traditional induction. However, tease and denial can create a trance state in which the person being teased is highly suggestible.

28 minutes for $34.99

Includes: tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity, trance state, obedience, enslavement, addiction, erotic suffering, sexual torment, tease and denial AS trance

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2 reviews for Guided Edging

  1. Ray

    Found this gem from my old collection. I had only ever listened to it once as it was so mind-blowing that I didn’t think my cock could stand a rematch. If I was that sensitive and on the edge for 28 minutes the first time, how would I be after being conditioned from the first listen? Well after many years, I thought why not. Well, I now might have to wait a while before I try this one again. Wow! Just WOW! This packs an absolute punch–or actually one punch after another after another after another. Relentless. Probably the best Tease & Denial/Edging mp3 ever made. GET THIS ONE!

  2. brainnfried

    This is the one. Amazing session anyone with any interest in tease and denial will love.

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