Lycia’s Greed




Lycia’s Greed

This erotic hypnosis session will make you addicted to serving Goddess Lycia financially. Any time you listen to this recording, you will be compelled to send a $100 tribute immediately afterward, and you will need to tribute at least $100 every month in order to feel satisfied. You will have to set a monthly date when you will always send the tribute, or you’ll feel unorganized, and it is very important to feel organized. Each time you tribute, you will have an intense erection that won’t go away until you orgasm.

WARNING: Do not buy this mp3 unless you are able to tribute at least $100 per month, and listen to it only if you are prepared to tribute immediately afterward. It is your choice to undergo this financial conditioning program, and I do not claim responsibility for any side effects due to non-payment, including insomnia or any discomfort. In buying and listening to this recording, you expect to tribute me $100 per month, including $100 immediately after listening to this session each time you listen to it. If you are unable to continue payments at any time, stop listening to this recording.

Includes: financial domination, money slavery, financial hypnosis, addiction, Goddess worship, evil hypnotist, subliminals. 29 mins. for $34.99

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