Phallus Obsessed




Phallus Obsessed

So, you have been purchasing my hypnosis and feminization mp3s and videos, and maybe occasionally calling for live sessions. Maybe you’ve been listening for years now, and maybe you are new to my control. Either way, you know that it has all been leading up to you eventually sucking cock. You did know that, did you not?

Maybe you have listened over and over again to my other feminization or “forced bi” files. But you haven’t really gotten past those barriers, have you? Those silly imaginary restrictions which keep you from filling the empty void of your mouth with the “nom” it deeply craves. It’s okay sweetie. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And Goddess has a will for you.

“Phallus Obsessed” will help you overcome your resistance to sucking cock by getting you completely addicted to phalluses. You will need a nice dildo, because you are going to have a very set schedule for when (and for how long) you will need to suck it every day. Giving “oral pleasure” to your dildo is how you will achieve pleasure within yourself.

Every single phallus-shaped thing in the world is suddenly impossible to ignore. Everything from toothpicks to lighthouses reminds you of your one need, your one goal, the thing you absolutely must achieve in order to feel complete. That is one of the few, yet very powerful post-hypnotic suggestions included in this session.

Step inside, sweetie. I know it sometimes takes baby steps to get where you need to be. It’s okay to suck a dildo, at least. I mean, it is not a real cock or anything. At least not yet…

Includes: erotic hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, forced bi, cock sucking, phallus addiction, oral fixation. 26:18 mins. for $24.99

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