Purple Like your Balls




This is a lipstick fetish and tease/denial clip. We all know about “blue balls,” right? Well, purple balls are the next level. When your balls go from blue to purple, you are beyond sexually frustrated. You are desperate, aching, and eager to beg and plead for permission to orgasm. You’d do anything to get permission, no matter how embarrassing or what the cost.

The more purple lipstick and gloss I apply in this fetish clip, the more purple your ballzies become. You can stimulate your circus animal or keep it locked up. Either way, as you listen to my teasing words and watch me apply more purple to my luscious lips, you will undoubtedly become more filled with spermies that biologically need to release. But without my permission, it will be impossible.

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, makeup fetish, tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity training, lipstick tease, purple lipstick fetish, pantyhose fetish, boots fetish, hair fetish, cleavage, mind fuck, mental domination

23 minutes for $24.99

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