The Humiliation Box




The Humiliation Box

One of Goddess Lycia’s favorite things to do is to trap you in endlessly embarrassing cycles of compulsive masturbation and impossible release, combined with humiliating and bizarre rituals and mantras. It makes me giggle to know that whenever you are at home by yourself, you are automatically triggered into this mode where you must have porn constantly playing as you diddle yourself for hours and hours on end.

Meanwhile, whenever certain things happen, you will be forced to hold yourself in ridiculous positions while chanting absurd phrases out loud. All of these positions and phrases will reinforce what a fucked-up, horny diddler you are, which will make you more horny and therefore more of a diddler. Which in turn, will make you more embarrassed and ashamed, which will make you more horny, and so on…

You will be the most pathetically sexually-aroused, chronic masturbating and porn-obsessed weirdo, but you will also be completely unable to achieve release. Whenever you get close to cumming, you will be forced to squat and chant until the urge subsides. But chanting and squatting makes you so humiliated and horny, that sometimes you are squatting and chanting for a really long time, before the urge subsides.

That’s just one of the many triggers that will keep you in this increasingly restrictive box of endless and humiliating cycles. 25 minutes for $29.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, intense humiliation, chronic masturbation, porn addiction

P.S. If you buy this, you are totally a ridiculous pervert who desperately craves the deepest humiliation possible

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