You’re hanging out with Goddess Lycia as she prepares for a date with an alpha male. She looks stunning, and you keep staring at her as she applies lipstick and dangles a shoe from her foot. She forgot you were even there because you’re so beta, but finally notices you mumbling some stupid stuff about wishing you were the guy dating her.

Goddess figures out from your staring at her dangling shoe that you are a toe dork, and decides to allow you to worship and clean her bare feet with your mouth. She mocks you for being an idiot submissive foot freak, but is well aware that she is further addicting you to being just that.

She laughs as you place your “nosie” between each of her toesies and “penetrate” her toe cleavage. This is how toe dorks, do sex, with their silly nosies between her toesies. She finds it amusing, hilarious, and utterly pathetic.

Goddess reminds you that of course she’d never date you, but you can be her friend and her toe boy. And unless you want to be replaced by one of hundreds of other toesie dorks, you better lavish her with gifts and money in exchange for her feet in your face.

Includes: lipstick fetish, shoe dangling, foot fetish, toe fetish, foot worship, femdom POV, beta male humiliation, laughter, mocking, rejection, findom, MILF feet, goddess worship

15 minutes for $19.99

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