Try to Resist My Cleavage & Lips




This is a KISSYMAS-themed fetish clip where I tease you with my lips and cleavage.

There’s also a findom challenge for you to participate in- unless you think you can resist. But I made it pretty darn easy for you to give in and SUBMIT.

I mean, did you really think you could avoid me during KISSYMAS? Puh-lease! I know how fucking WEAK you get for my full, glossy red lips and my overflowing cleavage.

Go ahead and watch this video. Listen to my voice and my words. Then TRY to resist. You’ll either give in to my irresistible seduction and serve me better, or not. Of course, I will know who the real winners are. *kissies*

Includes: lipstick fetish, glossy red lips, lingerie, abundant cleavage, bouncing boobs, financial fetish, Goddess worship, kissies

13:45 mins for $19.99

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