This is a Femdom hypnosis file for HUMILIATION JUNKIES. Specifically, it is for those who want to be turned into an even more pathetic PREMATURE EJACULATOR.

Do you watch porn and try to “goon” like the other perverts on the internet, but fail to stay on edge for an extended period of time?

Do you enjoy “erotic massages,” but the anticipation builds up so much that you erupt very quickly and unexpectedly?

Do you eroticize the concept of wearing a chastity cage, but also find that your blue balls are too much to bear?

Do you long for sex, but realize that you would be a disappointment? After all, other men can perform in bed, last a long time, and provide pleasure.

If your premature ejaculation issue is both humiliating and sexually arousing to you, then you’re in luck. I am going to make it worse.

Because of your inability to fornicate like a real man, you need me to tell you how to do your “sex life.” This involves being a pussy-free “cuckold,” being emasculated and sissified, being a porn addict, being placed in chastity, and being reminded over and over that this is your life now.

36:16 mins for $34.99

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