“Cringe Cupid” MP3

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Cringe Cupid

This is a special Valentine’s Day episode of THE CRINGE- where you, our favorite pussy-free loser named “dorfkie,” is struck by the “cringe cupid.”

Have you listened to the prior CRINGE episodes here and here? If so, you know that you are the star of  a comedy sitcom. The episodes recount all of your failures as a single “male” trying to have some sort of love life.

In CRINGE CUPID, you are on a tragic version of a dating show- a pathetic attempt to try and get a date for Valentine’s Day. However, this “dating show” is set in the one place where you’re always the star: your bedroom. Also, there are no women. It’s just you, pretending to be on a dating show, where you are reminded of your inadequacy.

As the host of the show and your “dating coach,” I give you the worst advice on what to ask the female contestants. Really, you don’t need me to help you make a fool of yourself, but I enjoy doing it anyway.

CRINGE CUPID is a Femdom humiliation recording that pathetic wanktards like you will be listening to on Valentine’s Day.

I bring you deep into the dating show fantasy, where you are on stage, getting boners and fumbling over your socially inappropriate words.

You get so horny imagining yourself being mortified in front of a live studio audience, on public television, and in front of three of the sexiest ladies ever.

But then you get even more humiliated when I remind you that it’s really just you, alone on the day of sex and love, listening to a recording about yourself failing with women while rubbing your willy and perhaps humping pillows.

42:08 mins for $39.99

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