Bimbofication Brainwashing

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Bimbofication Brainwashing

This is a brainwashing file that will turn you more and more into a female bimbo in real life. Certain bimbo mantras will go on in your head throughout the day, keeping you focused on your bimbo tasks. As a lifestyle bimbo, you must be committed to your physical appearance and to pleasing men. You basically exist to make people horny and satisfy their sexual desires. You just need to be dumb, horny, and hot; it’s so simple and so arousing! If you want to look and think like a sexy female bimbo slut, transforming more and more fully every day, then this bimbo brainwashing file is for you. Note: This file has no induction, and is perfect for looping.

Includes: bimbo training, bimbo brainwashing, bimbofication, bimboization, bimbo transformation, bimbo fetish, bimbo mind control, feminization, horny slut humiliation. 17:10 mins. for $19.99

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1 review for Bimbofication Brainwashing

  1. sissy pain slut

    Gotta love her bimbo hypnos!! All 4 are great. This one is a loop with no induction, so great for quick fix or for doing chores!

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