Chastity Inferno

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Chastity Inferno

WARNING: Intense chastity and humiliation hypnosis that doesn’t end. Have a cock cage ready and lock yourself in before listening. Plan to wear it for a long time.

This recording will cause the following feelings and behavior:

1) you will constantly be insanely aroused to the edge and point of cumming, and you will be incredibly humiliated while in chastity

2) you will desperately want to masturbate but not be able to, like a terrible insane itch that you can’t scratch

3) the only way you can even partially relieve your terrible need to masturbate is by performing for women in the most degrading ways possible (being nude in front of them, crawling, dancing, sucking dildos, being laughed at, etc), even though you still are unable to cum. As you hear them laugh at you, you begin to feel partially relieved, but it only lasts for the shortest time and then you become insane again

4) you will have an overwhelming belief that every woman who looks you in the eye knows that you are locked up and is laughing at you. It makes you so embarrassed that you can barely speak to them. you will go insane craving them, wanting to just touch them, as they all despise you and want to hurt and laugh at you

5) you will be unable to take the chastity device off without a dominant woman’s permission. If you are allowed to cum, the device will go back on immediately after cumming and cleaning off. If you are only allowed to remove the device for more tease and torture (without release), it will go back on immediately after the tease/torture/humping session (directed by a Dominant Woman)

6) you will be utterly unable to ejaculate with the cage on

7) the longer you wear the cage, the more powerful the hypnosis becomes. your addiction to porn grows, your need to pay women grows, your need to be degraded grows

8) if and when you am allowed out of the cage, you are unable to cum by yourself with your hand or to cum in a woman (you will have to hump a pillow, the floor, a blow up doll or some other humpable object)

This is hardcore people! I expect you to actually have a chastity cage to lock your penis in. I recommend the cb6000. This is for those who love being cum-denied, desperate, pathetic piggies for Women to use and laugh at. 45 minutes for $34.99

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1 review for Chastity Inferno

  1. Piggy Jester

    This is my goto training file for chastity. It is deep, harsh and very powerful so be careful. But if you need real chastity training this is the file.

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