Submissive Bimbo




Submissive Bimbo

This erotic hypnosis mp3 will condition your brain to respond to a certain trigger phrase by going into submissive bimbo mode. Whenever anyone uses the phrase in your presence, the following will immediately occur:

* you will become very submissive and obedient
* you will become extremely feminine
* your IQ level will drastically drop (you’ll become stupid)
* you will become very horny and slutty
* you will crave being dressed in slutty clothes and lots of makeup
* you will feel your tits grow
* you will feel your clitty shrink
* you will swing your hips when you walk (like a whore)
* you will twirl your hair when you talk (like a dumb ho)
* you will crave to listen to bubbly female pop singers
* you will crave bubble gum (and to blow bubbles)
* you will crave to serve your Mistress (or if you are unowned, then a Dominant Woman you admire)

The triggers will work on you when they are heard, read, spoken, typed, or written. So they can be used online with someone, and even when you are alone. If you are with your Mistress or Owner when in bimbo mode, you will above all be obedient.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, feminization, crossdressing, sissification, bimbo fetish, bimbo hypnosis. 21:08 mins. for $24.99.

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