Diddlefreak Asylum

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Diddlefreak Asylum

Welcome to Diddlefreak Asylum. You have been admitted to this institution because you are a perverted weirdo. You are addicted to porn, and you play with your genitals all the time. You are obviously a sexually abnormal person, and need to be forcibly committed to a private, locked and closed residential treatment facility for incurable compulsive masturbators.

At the Asylum, you will be subjected to an intense, psychologically-invasive brainwashing program, which will include daily, prolonged sessions of tease and denial, erotic humiliation, demasculinization, and mind-fucking.

Because you are such a pervert that you have been forcibly admitted, you are unable to leave the Asylum until the doctors and nurses agree that you are permanently incapable of being a diddlefreak pervert ever again. Of course, we will never agree that you are “fixed,” because our real purpose is to just make everything worse. And you won’t want to leave, even if we were to grant you release. You will not know how to live in the real world ever again; the Diddlefreak Asylum is your new life.

Includes: hypno-programming, intense humiliation, complete orgasm control, orgasm denial, tease and denial, mind-fucking, behavior modification, being institutionalized, being monitored, twisted psychotherapy, bondage, helplessness, degrading punishments, psychosexual experimentation, forced bi, objectification, financial domination, sci-fi elements. 30 mins. for $34.99

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1 review for Diddlefreak Asylum

  1. Anal Flora

    Diddle Freak Asylum is a genius peace of artwork. The effects of the audio left me dreamy, longing, and humiliated like spellbound in position.
    It starts spherical like in a science-fiction movie but by listening I became aware, that this fiction had already become my life, or like an idealized, pure form of a subordinated existence, that I have to achieve.
    It has profoundly deepened my craving to be put in place and to behave correctly.
    Thank You Goddess,
    Anal Flora

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